“The seizure action plan letter works and saves time to treatment for seizure emergencies.”

We started to use a seizure action plan for my daughter, Kai, in 2012. With the rare epilepsy diagnosis of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) we needed to have a clear plan what to do when presenting at a hospital coming in from school or home. This especially was needed as we like to travel to smaller towns within western Canada, and the potential risk that we may need to go into an Emergency Room (ER) with Kai and be treated by medical staff who have never seen a patient like her before. Even though typically my daughter would go into our Local ER, which is a world class pediatric facility, frontline ER staff are not specialized in one area. Having a seizure plan has made Kai’s ER visits smoother and her treatment is expedited so she gets care faster. It also decreases the consultations between the ER doctors and the Neurology department. When Kai requires emergency treatment, we present the letter below to either Paramedics and/or ER staff. The best thing about this letter we use, is that everyone has a quick snap shot of what Kai’s epilepsy is like and how to treat her. Health care professionals mainly only make it to step three, but that being said, they have really appreciated having this letter to determine how best to treat Kai’s seizures. The seizure action plan letter works! We have been in the ER department where the ER doctor has stated this is an amazing plan and saves time to treatment for seizure emergencies.