The Seizure Action Plan Coalition

The Seizure Action Plan Coalition began in 2020 as a labor of love between the LGS Foundation, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, and TSC Alliance. The organizations knew there was an opportunity to bring the epilepsy community together to bring attention and awareness to Seizure Action Plans for people with epilepsy. The three organizations served as the Governing Organizations of the coalition through 2022.

The Governing Organizations transitioned into new roles with the Seizure Action Plan Coalition – that of Founding Organizations – as of December 31, 2022. Epilepsy Alliance America became the managing organization of the Seizure Action Plan Coalition on January 1, 2023. We are committed to continuing this important work and expanding the reach and impact of the Coalition.

Save the Dates for Seizure Action Plan Awareness Week coming up February 12-19, 2024.


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Awareness Partners

Become an Official Awareness Partner

We are thrilled to invite other organizations and entities to join the SAP Coalition as an Official Awareness Partner. Together we can ensure that everyone with epilepsy knows what a Seizure Action Plan is and how to create and use one! Awareness partners will:

  • Be kept up to date on the latest developments
  • Be sent the toolkit for awareness efforts
  • Have their logos placed on the Seizure Action Plan Coalition website

We hope you will join this important effort!