Seizure Tracker is a seizure diary and so much more. In addition to being able to log seizures, it offers many additional tools including:  managing medications, VNS therapy, diet therapy, daily variables, daily notes and a dynamic seizure action plan.

Use the Seizure Tracker “Dynamic Seizure Action Plan” (DSAP) to enhance your seizure care by effectively communicating your needs with others, including your physician care team, family members, co-workers and school staff.

Your “Dynamic Seizure Action Plan” can be easily created and stored dynamically within your Seizure Tracker account. You can review it with your doctor and edit any time. The DSAPs created on can be printed or shared electronically. 

The Seizure Tracker “Dynamic Seizure Action Plan”…

  • Is easily created, accessible and stored
  • Can guide discussions with doctor about how to treat your seizures
  • Can help you easily fill out forms online
  • Lists medical details to share with EMS, if needed
  • Can include any rescue medication prescribed along with when they are needed
  • Can printed or emailed, making it handy whenever you need it

How to Access and Leverage the New Seizure Tracker DSAP Tool:

  1. Visit
  2. Log into your account or create a new account.
  3. Look for the DSAP link on the Control Panel page.
  4. Visit the tool and talk to your doctor about how to best complete the different sections.
  5. Empower yourself by having your DSAP, Seizure Tracker mobile app and rescue medication handy at all times.